Cultivation process

From cutting to plant

All of our products are manually put into pots on our automatic system. This system is developed so that this is the best possible ergonomic position for our employees, whereby it improves the speed. Also, with this system we can space out batches of plants and sort them with a vision camera.


The cultivation

During the cultivation of Gardenia’s, movements and actions are regularly needed to optimize the growth of the plant. This is partly the reason that we have chosen for a Walking Plant System. With this system, the plants can be led past the different climate zones and working places easily and fast during the cultivation phase. By using the Walking Plant System, a opportunity arose to use the space under the system for water storage. A total of approximately 6.000.000 litres of water is stored under the system.

Click here for a video about our system. WPS system

Besides the Walking Plant System, we have opted for cultivation on concrete floors, making us flexible at all times. 


Order and delivery system

Since a diverse range of plants in different sizes of pots are being cultivated at Richplant, the automatic machinery must be flexible. Our new SmartFlo conveyor belt system is flexible. This delivery system is a good combination of efficiency and flexibility, that allows our automation to be completely future-proof. Plants can be selected and picked out with help of the cropband, the SmartFlo Flexit. With this band, staff members have a minimum walk while selectively picking up the plants. Through the SmartFlo Flexit and the Track, plants go on a main band, which transports the plants to a compact delivery system. Employees can clean the plants in the delivery system, sort them and put them in a tray. Buffering of the sorted plants is done using a roller conveyor buffer, so that we are able to serve customized service to our customers.

gardenia tray.jpg


Corporate social responsibility fits our company. Working conditions and the environment are one of our highest priorities. We are careful with gas and electricity, and to make optimal use of this, we work with a cogeneration machine (CHP).

We work with a great team of permanent employees and we are very careful with them. We make sure that work can be done in an ergonomic way as much as possible.

We are certified for MPS-GAP, MPS Socially Qualified, MPS Quality and GRASP. These certificates of the Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS) foundation gives customers the assurance that the holder of these certificates meets the strictest requirements in the field of quality, care, traceability, environment and social (work) circumstances.